Why Become a Life Member?

Become a Life Member today! Show your support of hunting and wildlife conservation now and into the future. Show your commitment to the cause. Life Members are dedicated to assure the freedom to hunt is available for future generations. This can happen only with the dedication and support of all hunters, who need SCI’s representation when hunters and hunting are attacked. Science-based sustainable use of wildlife resources is the way to assure healthy populations of wildlife. Highly motivated and committed Life Members are the agents needed to keep hunters from becoming extinct so that future generations can know and understand the noble hunting culture worldwide. SCI needs you now. Become a Life Member and make a positive difference

Benefits of Membership

  • $200 SCI Hunter Pride Apparel Life Member Gift Card OR (2) 4-Day passes to SCI's Annual Hunters' Convention in Reno, NV 2020

  • Record Book Certificate 10 Entries Free

  • Life Member Lapel Pin

  • SCI Life Membership Certificate

  • Official SCI Membership Card

  • Invitation to Life Member Breakfast at Convention

Become a Life Member Today
To me, Life Membership in Safari Club International is a commitment to protecting the freedom to hunt and supporting American and international wildlife conservation programs. SCI is the only organization with offices on Capitol Hill, engaged members who actively lobby congress, a charitable Foundation that financially supports Conservation, Education and Humanitarian programs, and an Annual Hunter’s convention that is second to none. Almost 50 years of protecting our hunting heritage, deserves my Life Membership dollars.
Mike Rogers Jr.
SCI Life Member
Being a life member of SCI is incredibly important to me. We all live busy lives and I want to ensure I’m part of something bigger that not only helps conserve & protect animals, but also protects our right to hunt. SCI is constantly fighting for us hunters and puts millions on the ground for conservation. As an individual I can only do so much, but being a life member of SCI makes me very proud to see all the good we have done across the world.
Melissa Bachman
SCI Life Member
Being a proud life member of SCI means more to me than just a membership. SCI is on the frontline defending and preserving our hunting heritage. We have to stand up for what we believe in before it is gone forever. I want to do everything I can to protect hunting and my SCI Life Membership is my commitment to ensuring hunting freedoms our for the future.
Jim Shockey
SCI Life Member
In the ‘old days’ one had to have hunted in Africa in order to be an SCI member! So, the first thing I did when I returned from my first safari in 1977 was join SCI! Of course I’ve been a member ever since, and I’ve been a proud Life Member for decades. My wife, Donna, is a proud Life Member as well. SCI is truly First For Hunters, all hunters! Our sport, lifestyle, our very culture is under attack these days…so it’s important to stand up and be proud as hunters, SCI Member, and SCI Life Members…for life! Please join us as Life Members of SCI, First For Hunters!
Craig Boddington
Journalist and SCI Life Member