Coronavirus, Telehealth & The Generational Divide


The results of the recent Global Rescue survey about telehealth and the current pandemic revealed a few surprises.

For example, respondents 71 and older were 43% less likely to use telehealth than people in their 30s. Perhaps that outcome can be attributed to the digital divide. But the survey exposed another surprise, specifically that the same group were twice as likely to break voluntary quarantine than all younger generational groups.

Tributes Flood In For Ed Curtis


Ed Curtis, stalwart supporter of SCI and SCI Foundation passed away suddenly on March 26.

His unexpected passing affected all who knew and worked with him on his various committees and projects that benefitted SCI and SCIF.

In an official statement, Jim Hammill, Conservation Committee Chair, and Chris Comer, Director of Conservation, wrote;

FBI Sees Rise In Fraud Schemes Related to Coronavirus Pandemic


According to a story in a recent edition of The Outdoor Wire, the FBI is warning of a spate of scams and fraud schemes designed to prey on unsuspecting victims, using the COVID-19 crisis as a lever.

The FBI is alerting everyone to stay alert to these variations on the same themes these crooks have been using for a long time.

These are the steps the FBI suggests you should make if you suspect any fraudulent fundraiser or scheme.